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Congressman Andy Levin backs EV push, calls vehicles ‘easy to love'

To Michigan Democrat says he's all-in on electric vehicles and policies such as tax incentives to encourage their adoption and position the U.S as a leader in the technology.

Captive finance companies boost auto sales during pandemic

The business model, an enticing yet expensive business line for automakers, proved itself out once again during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Darwinization of auto retail is coming

The drama of who's fittest and who will survive will play out for a long time to come.

A tale of two earthquakes: In Japan, some lessons learned, others deferred

In an industry as massive as the automotive business it's impossible to plan for everything. The 10th anniversary of the 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster in Japan is a reminder of improvements made since, and the work left to be done.

Enterprise gives workers $100 restaurant cards

The car-rental company celebrated Employee Appreciation Day last week with an $8 million giveaway to benefit local restaurants that have been struggling to stay in business during the pandemic.