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First Deliveries of $35K Version of Tesla Model 3 Delayed until Late 2018

Tesla has delivered about 10,000 examples of its Model 3 sedans so far but has thus far failed to deliver on one important item that was central to why this model garnered so much hype: its $35,000 base price. First U.S. deliveries of the standard-range (220 mile) version of the Model 3, still expected to start […]

Volkswagen SUV with Unpronounceable Name Pronounced New for Europe, China

Tour-egg? Tow-are-age? Aw, heck, it doesn’t matter anymore if Americans can’t pronounce the name of Volkswagen’s five-seat, luxurious Touareg SUV. (For the record, it’s “To-war-reg.”) It will no longer be sold in the United States, as the less expensive, roomier three-row Atlas (and, soon, a two-row Atlas model) are taking over VW’s large-SUV efforts here. The […]

Track Marks: 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Tested!

How you feel in the brief pause between switching off the engine and opening the door tells you nearly everything about a car. In most good ones, there’s a warm afterglow of emotions and contemplation reminiscent of the finest psychotropics. Shutting off a Porsche 911 GT3’s flat-six leaves you suspended in silence, a brief respite […]